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Default value not being displayed after upgrade to AEM 6.3 SP2


Level 2

We're upgrading to AEM 6.3 SP2, and we noticed something strange.

The default value for textfield input fields we use in authoring dialogs is no longer displayed.

We define our components like this:




        fieldDescription="This is an example input field."

        fieldLabel="Example input label"


        value="Default value"/>

I've traced the issue to this line of code in the initialization of the field super type: (/libs/granite/ui/components/coral/foundation/form/field/init.jsp)

     String value = cmp.getValue().val(cmp.getExpressionHelper().getString(cfg.get("value", "")));

I did some debugging:

- cmp.getExpressionHelper().getString(cfg.get("value", "")) is correctly returning the default value string "Default value"

- cmp.getValue().val(<defaultValue>) seems to return null

I suspect cmp.getValue().val doesn't return the default value when no value is found for the textfield in./exampleField.

Any idea where I can have a look at the internal workings of the ComponentHelper or Value class? Or any other reasons why the default value wouldn't be displayed?

Thanks in advance!

Oh, and my session is running the 5.7.6-CQ630-B0007 version of the com.adobe.granite.ui.commons artifact.

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Level 10

We spoke to suppoirt about this. They recommend opening a ticket as there appears to be an upgrade bug.


Level 4

TheRealJoni​ Did you hear back about a bug fix for this? We have recently installed SP2 and are having the same issue.



Level 2

Hello Alistair,

Adobe came back to us that this change was intentional and this is behavior as expected.

We implemented a work-around by overwriting these two files:



String value = cmp.getValue().val(cmp.getExpressionHelper().getString(cfg.get("value", "")));

// START - Work-around for default value bug

if (value == null) {

value = cmp.getExpressionHelper().getString(cfg.get("value", ""));


// END - Work-around for default value bug

ValueMap vm = new ValueMapDecorator(new HashMap<String, Object>());

vm.put("value", value);

I hope this helps you!

I’m switching to a different way of setting default values though, because this work-around feels wrong to me. I’m using cq:template to set default values for new code.

Kind regards,



Level 4

Thanks for the help, Joni.

I like your second solution of adding default values into the template so think I will go with that for now and see how I get on.



Level 1

I just want to clarify what I am reading here.

Adobe broke the default value functionality, said they did it on purpose and now we have to code around their bug to make it work again?