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Default Sling Script Error


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Hi everyone,

I am doing an update for a component in which I need to add a new class in the backend. On adding the class and making the required updates in the pom.xml files I am still getting the following error :

org.apache.sling.api.SlingException: Cannot get DefaultSlingScript: No use provider could resolve identifier com.aem.community.core.demoClass

I also tried changing the name of the class and adding the packages in the pom. I even tried changing the artifactid from uppercase to lowercase however the error still persists :

org.apache.sling.api.SlingException: Cannot get DefaultSlingScript: org.apache.sling.scripting.sightly.SightlyException: Compilation errors in org/apache/sling/scripting/sightly/apps/DeviceSupportPage/components/content/helloworld/helloworld_html.java:

Line 28, column 1289 : Only a type can be imported. com.aem.community.core.Democlass resolves to a package

Line 55, column 2410 : Democlass cannot be resolved to a type

Can anyone please guide me on this as to why such an error comes on drag and drop of the component?

Thanks and Regards,

Bernadine Soman

smacdonald2008Feike Visser

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I would expect DemoClass.

Can you share your HTL code?



this error 'No use provider could resolve identifier com.aem.community.core.demoClass' normally means:

- class can't be found

- bundle is not active


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AGree with Feike - make sure you are referencing the correct fully qualified class name in the HTL code and the bundle that contains this class is in ACTIVE State.


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Please check the imports for the new class which you created.


I was getting the same error when I was creating a sling model (@Model(adaptables =Resource.class))and after analysing the code I found that there was an import 

import javax.annotation.Resource which was not correct. I replaced it with the correct one 
import org.apache.sling.api.resource.Resource and the issue got fixed.