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Customize Page Properties in Touch UI - 6.2


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Need to do below things in Touch UI 6.2:

I need to customise Page Properties in such a way that i can only view below three tabs:

1. Basic

2. Image

3. Cloud Services.

Rest all tabs should be removed and some of the properties like Login Roles.. etc from other tabs should be moved in Basic Tab.

Also i want to remove the grouping in Basic tab and show the properties as default/no grouping.

How can we achieve and post any link which i can refer ?

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Extend the page cq:dialog .... then add sling:hideResource, Boolean, true

They will no longer show up




Please have a look at some of the solutions that i can think of:

1. By using the listener. hideTabStripItem(index)

    Please refer to the the forum post:- http://help-forums.adobe.com/content/adobeforums/en/experience-manager-forum/adobe-experience-manage...

2. As mentioned by Dean, use sling:hideResource

    Reference Article :- http://www.slideshare.net/martinischeery/aem-61-user-interface-customisation

    //AEM User Interface Customization

3. Hiding it depends on User group:    

    For example, to hide the "image" tab of the base page component:

  •     edit acls for /libs/foundation/components/page/dialog/items/tabs/items/image
  •     add deny jcr:read for author
  •     login as author
  •     go to http://localhost:4502/content/geometrixx/en.html and open the page properties
  •     image tab should be gone

    Link:- http://stackoverflow.com/questions/8165800/cq5-hiding-a-tab-within-a-component-dialog-depending-on-u...

I hope this would help you.


Kautuk Sahni