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custom namespace not getting registered in AEM


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How do we register namespace through .cnd file in AEM ?

I followed Namespace | Content Management  and tried putting .cnd file in /apps/cq and uploaded through "mvn clean install -PautoInstallPackage" but no luck.

My .cnd file has this line "<demo='demo'>".

Please help with the issue.

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Can you check if your file deployed or not in crxde from eclipse.

try to create manual file, if no luck, try below

Adobe AEM/CQ5 Articles: Creating custom JCR node type

Arun Patidar


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The file is getting deployed in crxde but namespace is not getting registered. Also tried creating listener but it doesn't seem to work either.


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Hi There,


Please refer article https://techrevel.blog/2020/01/23/aem-custom-namespace/ which works fine. 


Just a little correction in the steps, if you just register it with namespace registration with a single line shown as below, it does not work(techrevel namespace):




To make it work also put the nodetype definition even if you don't need it like shown below:


[sling:Folder] > nt:folder
- * (undefined)
- * (undefined) multiple
+ * (nt:base) = sling:Folder version