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CRX Cleaner and IntelliVault Plugins for AEM by SGAEMSolutions


CRX Cleaner and IntelliVault Plugins for AEM
I have always been fond of plugins and tools which makes my life easier. In this blog, I will talk about two of my favorite plugins in IntellijIdea which makes my AEM development easier: CRX Cleaner and IntelliVault.

CRX Cleaner: Recently a new plugin has been added in my development life which is CRX Cleaner. This is an IntellijIdea Plugin and absolutely free.

Use Case: In AEM, while syncing the content, the syncing of workflows, templates, policies or sometimes pages also need to be done from AEM to the codebase repository.

While syncing via packages/ plugin, it pulls all the unwanted properties like jcr:modifiedBy, jcr:modifiedDate, jcr:createdBy etc in the code base and makes git pushes really messy. Before this plugin, either I just avoided these properties and pushed the code having these properties or I used to clean up by myself one by one which was a super tedious task.

I installed this plugin in intellijidea, and now just one short key Ctrl+ALT+L does the magic for me. You just select the whole file and hit the short key. Super easy and handy.
How to install: Go to File-> Plugins-> search for CRX Cleaner-> Install

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CRX Cleaner and IntelliVault Plugins for AEM


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