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cq:isContainer Property in AEM by Arun Patidar


cq:isContainer Property in AEM
It’s a common use case to create components that include other components. These components are called “Container Components” e.g. parsys, etc and are denoted by adding cq:isContainer="{Boolean}true" as a property on the component.

Why is it important to add cq:isContainer property to container component?
The answer is simple to make sure the component must behave like a container component. You must be thinking what does it even mean? Let's understand this with an example.
I have 3 components, component-container, component-a, component-b
The component structure would be:

|----- component-a
|----- component-b

What happens if component-container does not have cq:isContainer property

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cq:isContainer Property in AEM


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