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COVID-19 Tracker using API calls in India | AEM 6.5.5 | AEM Community Blog Seeding




COVID-19 Tracker using API calls in India | AEM 6.5.5 by AEM Queries & Solutions


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In this article we will see how we can implement a COVID-19 Tracker in AEM Server. I have used the open source Postman API’s to get the latest State and District wise data.

I have used below APIs to get the data related to COVID-19 in India
1. State & District wise API to get the data based on State and District.
2. Raw data of Infected people to get details of each and every person got infected due to COVID-19
3. Total State wise Data to get the increase in the cases everyday and tested people report in India.

To get the response of one of the API is have used Postman to study and analyse the data and filter out what is required.

This API can be handled in AEM servlet or Java class to get the response in AEM and filter out the data which is required for the implementation to create a dashboard in AEM pages.

I have used the below code snippet to get the response in form of JSON and later fetched the data which was required to be displayed on the dashboard.

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COVID-19 Tracker using API calls in India | AEM 6.5.5


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