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Setup dispatcher server locally | AEM as cloud service


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Setup dispatcher server in local machine and test your dispatcher files before deploying to QA server. Here is the steps to setup the dispatcher server for AEM as a cloud service. Actual post [https://rashidjorvee.blogspot.com/2020/08/setup-local-dispatcher-server-aem.html] by rashid jorvee blog


1. Download the docker from Docker official site for our operating system. >> https://www.docker.com/products/docker-desktop and install the docker. Note: We need administrator privileged to run this installer, since this docker installer will change some BIOS settings in operating system.

2. Download latest AEM-SDK from Adobe software distribution libraryhttps://experience.adobe.com/#/downloads/content/software-distribution/en/aemcloud.html

Steps to setup:

Lets start the local dispatcher setup now:

Step 1: Start docker, make sure our docker is active and running.

Step 2: Create a  folder "C:\Users\<user>\aem-sdk\dispatcher". Then extract the file "aem-sdk-dispatcher-tools-<version>-windows.zip" here. This will extract three folders: 


  1. bin
  2. src
  3. docs


Note: These all folder should direct child of dispatcher folder.

Step 3: Open the CLI (cmd) at open directory "C:\Users\<user>\aem-sdk\dispatcher"

Now run the command bin\validator full -d out src

If everything will be good with our setup then following message will get printed on your CLI.
C:\Users\<user_name>\aem-sdk\dispatcher>bin\validator full -d out src
Cloud manager validator 2.0.21
2020/08/07 18:31:20 No issues found
Step 4: Now run the docker to link our AEM publisher instance and tune dispatcher server on a port. Default port for dispatcher is 8080, but we may tune on different port based on availability. To start and link the dispatcher execute the below command.
bin\docker_run out host.docker.internal:4503 8080
Here in above command we just need to change the port numbers as per our configurations, rest all command will be remain same. This command will download the required image from docker server. Below are the entries of successful download on command line interface.
Step 5: Our dispatcher is now active. We can now browse http://localhost:8080.
Step 6: Now we need to install our customized dispatcher configuration files in our local dispatcher server. To install the dispatcher files run the below mentioned command at same dispatcher directory. 
del -/Q out && bin\validator full -d out <path of the dispatcher source files in your project>


e.g. del -/Q out && bin\validator full -d out E:\aem\aemcloudmanager\aem-cloud-manager-set-up\dispatcher\src
Hope this helps you to understand the setup of dispatcher in local machine. Feel free to share your inputs and issues with us, we will happy to help you. Thank You!

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