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core components: differences between versions


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so I just realized there's a new(ish) version of page core component (latest version is v3)


I'm trying to find if there's a table/summary of differences with the different versions of core components (page, breadcrumbs and etc). BUT I am not having any luck finding such information.


Are you able to help? Thanks

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Hi @jayv25585659,

In general you can find information about Core Components released version and release notes for each one that includes information about changes under:


The information are divided into multiple section, e.g. assuming you would like to see what has changed in V3 of Page component, you can follow below steps:

  1. Under Component Version & Releases find component and version you are interested of:
  2. You can see that V3 of Page has been added in version 2.18.0.
  3. Find 2.18.0 in Release History & Requirements section
  4. Click on the link, which will take you to release notes page on GitHub

This should give you an idea about major changes. You can also browse commits/PRs on GitHub to get all the details.