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Coral UI based Bulk Editor



Bulk Editor has been around with since a long time. It has been a useful tool for making mass edits to node/resource properties.

However, the OOTB Bulk editor implementation is a legacy one, based on classic UI. Also, from a functionality standpoint as well, there are some limitations:

1. Import-Export of data is not available: OOTB Bulk Editor supports exporting the search results in the form of a TSV file. However, there is no way to update the properties and import it back in AEM.

2. Absence of mechanism to add new properties:  There is no way to add new properties in the OOTB Bulk Editor.

3. Legacy Query Language for search: OOTB Bulk Editor supports GQL for searching.

4. Absence of interactive shell: OOTB Bulk Editor doesn’t come with an interactive shell for updating the properties without import-export mechanism.

I have been working on developing a Touch UI Based implementation of the aforesaid concept, aiming to fill the aforesaid gaps. I have able to come up with a bleeding edge version. The new touch ui based implementation comes with following features :

1. Support for different query Language : JCR SQL 2, XPATH & Query Builder Map.

2. Export - Import based data update

3. Interactive shell for updating the properties.

The Tool comes with a tabbed layout. There are 3 tabs:

1. Search Tab : This tab enables the users to enter a search query in a query language of their choice and export the results in the form of an Excel spreadsheet.

2. Import Tab: The users can do bulk updates to the content by updating the spreadsheet downloaded in the previous tab and then uploading it.

3. Update Tab: This tab enables the users to update the content nodes corresponding to a query with actually downloading the content.

I have prepared a video recording showing the teaser of the functionality. Please have a look:


If you have any query or suggestion then kindly comment here.

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Nice content shared with the community. Making this a featured thread for a week.

srinivasc11017710 ravi_kumar_thiruveedhula TribalLeo kostiantynk kdenolf gkn6 smileysk Few months back you had a question on the bulk editor, this is a good read that I would like to share with you.


Kautuk Sahni


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Thanks for posting this.  What property types can be bulk updated with this method?

In the old bulk editor, it was only string values that could be updated via a tsv import.



This one supports editing all types of properties.


Community Advisor

Hey Namit, kautuksahni,

Is this custom implementation available for aem community members. We have a requirement to bulk move date type property from one place to other. And above suggested solutions seems perfect fit to our requirement.


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Thanks Namit for sharing this article. Even i'm facing problem in importing the content. Could you please share the flow and implementation for this?


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Can you provide code changes for it.That will be more helpfull??


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Hi @namitg64472720 , is that tool available somewhere?