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Copying in Commerce


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Does anyone know if the capability is there to copy products in Commerce?

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Hi osullipm​, I'm guessing you asking about a server-to-server integration with a partner? Are you referring to Microsoft Commerce?

Can you clarify?

Thank you


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osullipm If this is a question around Adobe Audience Manager segments, they can be shared across the Experience Cloud solutions and these audiences can then be leveraged for say content personalisation through Target activities.

If your question is more AEM related, you'll need to post in the AEM forums

Hope that helps.



Please have a look at these documentation link:-

eCommerce Administering and eCommerce Developing

The integration framework includes an integration layer with an API. This allows you to:

  • plug in an eCommerce system and pull product data into AEM
  • build AEM components for commerce capabilities independent of the specific eCommerce engine


Kautuk Sahni