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Contexthub not getting called on publisher and dispatcher



We have project specific contexthub config in our code. Its working in author and custom store candidates also rendering, whereas contexthub itself (etc/cloudsettings.kernel.js/conf/<project>/settings/cloudsettings/default/contexthub) not getting called on publish and dispatcher in cloud. All related code and configs are available in publisher. No related errors found on log as well. Please provide any pointers.


Note: OOTB contexthub is loading on publisher and dispatcher.







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Community Advisor

Is there any error in the browser console? Are you seeing the inclusion of the context hub script on your page? Also, can you check if this is related to ACLs? Try logging in once on the publisher and see if this works; if so, you have ACL issues.

Esteban Bustamante



Hi @EstebanBustamante 


No browser console error related to this. context hub script is not including on the page. script is included only when we add ootb contexthub. May I know how to login  AEMaaCS publisher and check on cloud.

One more thing to add , we can directly access the contexthub js from pub and dispatcher like this https://<pub_domain>/etc/cloudsettings.kernel.js/conf/<project>/settings/cloudsettings/default/contexthub

So I hope there wont be any access issue. When contexthubpath page property points to custom contexthub config, page doesnt include their respective contexthub script.