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ContentElement getValue is not mocked properly in io.wcm.testing (UnsupportedOperationException)


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Hi Community, 


I'm currently creating a Unit Test that uses the Object Content Element, coming from the content fragment.getElements().


I'm currently using Junit5 to create my Unit Tests and the io.wcm.testing framework. 


I was checking the mocked class for the ContentElement that is inside that package, and I found that this method getValue() is always throwing this exception:

class MockContentFragment_ContentElement_Structured extends MockContentFragment_Versionable implements ContentElement {
public FragmentData getValue() {
throw new UnsupportedOperationException();

So, when I try to do the following behaviour, I always get this exception: 

while(contentElement.hasNext()) {
ContentElement contentElementObject = contentElement.next();
FragmentData value = contentElementObject.getValue(); <---- Exception (So test failed)
String fieldName = contentElementObject.getName();
String fieldValue = getValueFromBranch(fullBranch, fieldName);

Do you know if there is any way I can fake the getValue() output to continue with fake data within the test?

This is the Content Element class:

public interface ContentElement extends Adaptable, Versionable {
Iterator<ContentVariation> getVariations();

ContentVariation getVariation(String var1);

ContentVariation createVariation(VariationTemplate var1) throws ContentFragmentException;

void removeVariation(ContentVariation var1) throws ContentFragmentException;

ContentVariation getResolvedVariation(String var1);

String getName();

String getTitle();

FragmentData getValue();

void setValue(FragmentData var1) throws ContentFragmentException;

String getContent();

String getContentType();

void setContent(String var1, String var2) throws ContentFragmentException;


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