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Content Preview/Review Solution in AEM/AMS by Blog posts around Oracle SOA Suite,Adobe...


This tutorial explains the approach to define a preview solution for AEM(Adobe Experience Manager)/AMS(Adobe Managed Server) platform to preview the content through Author instance before activating the content to publishers.

Some of the options to enable the preview options are
1. Share the author URL with wcmmode=disabled, this requires the reviewer should be on-boarded into the Author environment to carry the review
2. Enable an additional preview(publish) instance, establish the workflow to send the content to the preview server for review/approval before publishing the content to live, the reviewer can use the dedicated review URL to review the content. This approach needs an additional server license to review the content.
3. Move the content to stage servers for review, the workflow can be established to move the content to a Stage environment for review, this approach has some restriction from AMS to move the content from Production to Stage servers through the workflow. This approach can be used for on-premise setup, refer the following URL for more details — https://www.albinsblog.com/2018/02/approach-to-implement-content-preview-in-adobe-experience-manager.html#.X0FhqOhKjb0
Let us now see an alternative simple approach to enable the content review solution in AEM

Content in an AEM Author instance is accessible with a special query string parameter that disables the AEM authoring user interface — ?wcmmode=disabled.

Additionally, by configuring a read-only user account within AEM with an explicit password set, the default single sign-on (“SSO”) behavior that redirects regular users to SAML for authentication is bypassed when sending those credentials via a standard HTTP Authorization header.

Combining these facts, a reverse proxy configuration using CloudFront can be set up within an AWS account to provide a lightweight, scalable review
solution with affordable CloudFront data transfer costs.

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Content Preview/Review Solution in AEM/AMS


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For an AEM as a cloud service , do we need an additional publish workflow ?