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Resource not found


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Error: Resource at '/content/we-retail/language-masters/hi/test-page-2-hi/jcr:content/root/responsivegrid/carousel/item_1702382531016.html' not found: No resource found.


I have created a new Author instance, in that instance the hi language copy doesn't exist, still when I edit We-Retail/Language-Masters/English, the page loaded is blank, and the error found in the console in the one mentioned above.

AEM version: 6.5.5

ArchetypeVersion: 40


Faced a similar issue with AEM version 6.5.7 as well, Archetype 47.


How can we fix this issue?

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Please check the error.log for more information. Is it possible that sling:resourceType is not mapped currently? Or the component meant to render page doesn't exist.

Aanchal Sikka


Community Advisor


The error is consistent with the fact that the "HI" copy does not exist. It sounds like your MSM configuration was manually altered, and somehow it is retaining references to the "HI" copy, which no longer exists. Could you please check through CRX/de to see if there are any references pointing to that "HI" copy site?

Esteban Bustamante


Level 2

@EstebanBustamante, I have checked in CRX/de, there is no reference that exists for HI.

I have also created a new AEM instance, so the reference should not be retained?



@ShivikaSi Did you find the suggestions from users helpful? Please let us know if more information is required. Otherwise, please mark the answer as correct for posterity. If you have found out solution yourself, please share it with the community.

Kautuk Sahni