Component toolbar missing options in Targeting Mode




We are facing an issue with the toolbar options in the AEM 6.1 targeting mode for some components.

When we try to personalize the components with this issue, we are able to - target a component, add an offer and then configure the component.

The toolbar looks like:


However, after configuring it for the first time, the options go missing in the toolbar and it looks like:


Then we have to switch to another experience and come back to the first one and then the same behavior is repeated. We can configure/edit the component one time and then the buttons again go missing.

This happens with just a few components. I have checked and we have no special setting for these components.

There is no JS error as well.

I tried to debug in the OOTB files and found that when the issue happens, the editable type of the component is: cq/personalization/components/target

When we see all options, the editable type is the component resource type.


Please advise if someone has faced an issue like this.

Thank You.





Thanks Scott.

We finally figured out the issue so thought I will share in case others face the same.

We use a client side rendering framework for components. So from AEM, a data-model with update request is passed to the front-end to render the component on page load or component update.

In the affected components, we had a CQ listener of REFRESH_PARENT set on edit.

When we were targeting a component in an experience, 2 calls were being made by AEM. One for experience related update and another one (caused by REFRESH_PARENT) for default. This was causing AEM to believe that we were trying to update the default view in an experience and hence all component edit toolbar options were getting removed.

When we changed it to REFRESH_SELF, no default call was made, and or toolbar rendered fine.