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jcr-sql2 query starting with specific string


Level 4

Hello Team,

In the jcr-sql2 query, is there any way to query the property having the value starts with certain string. 

I have overlapping tags, business:Finance, business:Insurance and global_search_business:Finance, global_search_business:Insurance. I want to only query the content tagged with all business: tags(but not global_search_business: tags).

SELECT * FROM [cq:PageContent] as node WHERE ISDESCENDANTNODE(node, '/content/geometrixx/en/news') AND CONTAINS([cq:tags], "business:") returning the content tagged with both.

I tried CONTAINS([cq:tags], "^business:"), its giving syntax error.

Even I tried LIKE, but no success.

Any suggestions please?

Best Regards,


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Level 10

Can you share the query where you used like clause ?


Level 6

Can you add one more condition: and not CONTAINS([cq:tags], "global_search_business")


Level 10

Here is a good source of JCR SQL2 examples that may help you.

JCR Query Cheat Sheet - Community Wiki - Magnolia

Hope this helps...