Component property not loading

sateeshk9319722 19-08-2019

Hai all,

I added a component at template level. It is suppose to be inheritted to the child pages. The issue is "I am able to load the component and also clientlibs related to it but one property that is textField is not rendering."

Please help ASAP.

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Answers (5)

sateeshk9319722 29-08-2019


The property may be NULL. So we can check the NULL condition of that particular property.

By this way, We can achieve the above query.

cal-netsolution 22-08-2019


If a component is added at template level, pages created using that template alone will get the component. If you want that component in child pages, there are different approaches, like iparsys etc. If you can share some snapshots of your issue, it will be helpful to look into it and find a solutions based on that.