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clientlib versioning and moving to Cloud Manager deployment


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hi folks,

I'm moving to Cloud Manager deployment on my AMS 6.5 AEM installation.

I'm wondering about Clientlib versions.

Currently our pages have (static) templates that refer to clientlibs categories of "blah1,blah2".

The clientlibs get included in the pages with a long hash in their names ('cos of clientlib versioning.)

I think the idea is that if the clientlib css or js is updated, then a later version of the clientlib is created with a new hash and included on the pages.

However with the cloud manager migration, my clientlibs are going to go from being stored in /etc/clientlibs to /etc.clientlibs.   

So how is it going to work for all the 100s of "old pages" created and published when the template categories (blah1,blah2) had client libraries at /etc/clientlibs vs the "new pages" created when the template categories (blah1,blah2) will point to the new /etc.clientlibs. ?

From what I've tried so far, I end up with both /etc/clientlibs/mylib.. and /etc.clientlibs/mylib.... included on the pages - thus the old /etc/clientlibs/mylib and the new updated /etc.clientlibs/mylib JS and CSS. But if I remove the /etc/clientlibs/mylib clientlib, then the old published pages are in trouble ?


Am I misunderstanding it ?  What is the best way to proceed?







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Actually, the old published pages include the new /etc.clientlibs/mylib also when they are displayed, so it looks like I can just remove the old /etc/clientlib/myapp