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cannot render resource SyntheticResource,


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I have jsp based components on AEM 6.5, which have <cq:include> to resourceType that exists in code.


I am not sure why I am seeing in error logs. any suggestions, why this could happen, I know , it is a content node that does not exist, as path="fakepath" , resourceType="path to component" .

org.apache.sling.servlets.get.impl.DefaultGetServlet No renderer for extension html, cannot render resource SyntheticResource,

 Could not find much help on "synthertic resource" Thanks.

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Hi @sreedobe , 


Please check the below thread where similar issue is addressed and resolved. 




Hi @sreedobe,

This error occurs when the node in the /content tree does not have a resourceType property. Or the resourceType does not exist. 


Quick checkpoint:-

~ Check Sling GET servlet configurtaion at http://<host>:<port>/system/console/configMgr/org.apache.sling.servlets.get.DefaultGetServlet

Make sure that Enable JSON and Enable XML are selected


More information is shared in https://experienceleaguecommunities.adobe.com/t5/adobe-experience-manager/no-renderer-for-extension-...




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Hi @sreedobe ,


I encountered the same logs and the reason found was there was a resource which was getting included from the templatepage and which did not exist.

Something like below:


<cq:include script="version.jsp" />
<cq:include path="version" resourceType="/apps/sampleapp/components/version" />  -  Non existent resource
So all the pages using this template was throwing this error - org.apache.sling.servlets.get.impl.DefaultGetServlet No renderer for extension html, cannot render resource SyntheticResource
I would suggest to find the references of problematic resource, it must be getting included from somwhere with <cq:include>