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Browser freezes while accessing a page on Prod Publish on AEM 6.3


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What could be the issue when a certain page is loading.. midway the browser hangs/freezes, and making the browser unusable. It does not allow us to to right-click and inspect. This is happening on a page where we have a component that loads content from an experience-fragment.


  • A page has a link which clicked opens a news tab loading content from an experience-fragment. This new page/tab freezes.
  • AEM
  • There are 2 Publishers with 6 dispatchers on IIS

There can be several things.. and we've checked thee below

  • Context hub is enabled, DTM is also but they resolve properly in the previous page (checked this though chrome > Inspect > Memory)
  • Checked dispatcher configuration and did not see anything
  • Even though the browser is frozen.. Memory keeps increasing for the browser (screenshot below)
  • Happens on all browsers..

Screen Shot 2019-10-07 at 4.30.59 PM (1).png

Appreciate any help.. if we are missing any?

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Below are few pointers I could think of to further debug the problem.

1. What is the behaviour when the URL is accessed directly via publish ip? Thread dumps might give a better idea as to what's happening. Capture thread with top command output so you can identify the thread consuming CPU. [0] gives information on how to collect thread dumps with top command output.

2. Does the chrome network tab show any long pending requests which is consuming most of the time?

3. If issue is also reproducible on author, developer mode [1] can shed some light.

4. if the issue is only on the dispatcher end, web server logs might give out some information

5. if its totally a client side problem, capturing memory profiles [2] might help identify the cause

Hope this helps.


jstackSeries.sh/README.md at master · cqsupport/jstackSeries.sh · GitHub


Developer Mode


Profiling memory performance - Google Chrome


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Thanks for the tips @Bharat

1. This is happening on live .com site.. we're not seeing anything if we access the site other than the primary .com url

2. To debug chrome.. after a few seconds, browser freezes making it unusable. So cannot see what's happening.

3. Does not happen on Author

4. Will check web server logs -- haven't done this yet

5. As of now we're assuming this is client side only.. but looking at other places (like CORS issues, if any analytics url's are blocking, the way page is coded etc)