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Icon library(graphicIconSelect) not displaying icons in touchUI dialog for custom icons


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Hello Everyone,

I am facing an issue with the custom icon library for our project. Issue is that the custom icons are not visible in the touchUI dialog but on selecting it will come on page.

Similar issue is faced by others which i found but were not helpful:

     [AEM 6.3]-Icon Picker Not Showing Icons when using custom fonts · Issue #1387 · Adobe-Consultin...

I am using :

   fieldDescription="Configure icon"

   path="/etc/acs-commons/lists/font-awesome-icons"/>     (Here Instead of acs-commons path, I have given the path where my project icons are stored)


I found a solution for this:

Kept icons in a separate client library folder and added it as a dependency in the acs-commons touchUI clientlibs ( /apps/acs-commons/touchui-widgets ).

Its working fine as expected.

But the problem here is that i feel this is not right to do modifications under acs-commons directly.

So if there is any other way to display the icons in the dialog then it would be helpful.

I am working on AEM6.4

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Level 10

This looks like a ACS-COmmons issue. I would proceed as you have stated to make this fix.


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Thanks Scott.
Please let us know whevever this is fixed.


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I would log a bug against this part of AEM and in mean time - you can use the workaround you found.


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Hi Guys,

I found a better solution for this in which there is no need to modify acs-commons.

  • Create a separate client library for your icons - css,fonts,images.
  • And add extraClientlibs property in your dialog with the category value of your icons clientlibs.




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Hi bansalarjit​,

We're using AEM 6.4 SP3 and experiencing the same issue.

Could you provide more detailed info on how to fix it?

Which dialog have you added extraClientlibs?

Have you make any changes to the widget wrapper?




Level 2

Hi Eugene,

Sorry i dont have the dialog code as of now but let me explain you in a better way. You have written some custom css for the custom icons right so this css files you can put in a clientLibrary folder and give it a category for this clientlib folder. Now you will have to load your custom css in the touchUi dialog (the dialog where you want to see your custom icons). So using extraClientlibs property in the dialog you can include your clientlib folder category. (extraClientlibs: ["category1","category2"]).

No changes to the widget wrapper.

Its like the TouchUi dialog is not able to load your custom css and will show square boxes sometimes instead of your custom icons or sometimes nothing will be displayed. So you have to make sure the dialog should have access to your custom css for which we are using the extraClientlibs property. extraClientlibs property will load your css for your touchUi dialog and not for your AEM webpage.