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Assets searched with the text in pdf file


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Hi Team,


I want to search the PDF assets with its contents in AEM Clouds. for example, if my xyz.pdf file has text as "Avocado Breakfast" in it and when I am searching in DAM with Avocado breakfast text, I should get this PDF as results. 

Just FYI, there is no tag assigned as Avocado breakfast to the pdf in DAM.




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The OOTB AEM DAM search should serve the search results(pdf) based on what is in the content of the pdf. So if you search "Avocado Breakfast", that xys.pdf should come up in search.


"Behind the scenes, Apache Lucene fetches the documents in the repository and indexes the content based on the metadata and text content. The index update thread wakes up every five seconds looking for content updates. Apache Lucene uses Apache Tika, a content analysis tool, to get the internal detail of documents like metadata and text in the document to create the indexes."




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I am searching with text content but it is not searchable by default, how can I resolve it?