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Asset List - one file is not respecting the sort by Title setting


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Hello community,

I went through and update the catalogs listed on our company website and all look great, sorted by Title, alphabetically. However, there is one outlier file named, "ecoFIT Industrial PE Catalog" that falls to the end of the list. It should be closer to the top by the other documents starting the the letter "E" and I can not figure out how to get the file to sort to its correct position. Anyone have any ideas?


Here is the page I am referencing:


I've attempted to rename and reprocess multiple times, republishing the page and changing the sort order to something else like "Relevance" then back to "Title" and republishing, but it still falls in the same place at the end.

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I found out that the document was falling to the end because the Title sorting is case sensitive. The document starts with a lowercase "e" as it starts with the product name "ecoFIT®" so I had to capitalize it in order to get it to appear in the correct position.