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Asset Insights implementation to 3rd party websites.


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I referred this document for insights configuration in AEM https://experienceleague.adobe.com/docs/experience-manager-cloud-service/content/assets/manage/asset.... I see that we need to add "data-aem-asset-id" and "data-trackable" to <img> tag to track the image. In our project we don't have sites hence assets are used in 3rd party websites. How can we track the impression and clicks or other details of image? After configuring, only by adding these attributes will it be able to track or should we use any scripts to track the aem assets used in 3rd party sites. Also, where should we add these scripts? Please share the steps to implement insights.


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Hi @keerthana_hn,

Data attributes will not be enough to track asset usage on 3rd party website. You will also need to include proper analytics script - page tracker on your 3rd party website - this will allow to sent tracking data into Adobe Analytics.

You can find wider explanation with the examples, including details where you should put the script (body or head) section under following Adobe documentation:


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Hi @lukasz-m ,

How to track user ratings and usage statistics? Should we follow the same steps? Also, in the document they have mentioned after configuring insights the Page Tracker code is generated in Insights page tracker. Is it the same code that has to be included the 3rd party website?