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July 31st AEM Gems Webinar: Elevate your AEM development to master the integration of private GitHub repositories within AEM Cloud Manager.

Ask the AEM Community Experts for Jan on MSM


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For the Jan Session of Ask the AEM Community Experts - we are doing the session on AEM and MSM. However - we are collecting questions from the community that the presenters will answer (this is a new format). If you have MSM questions you want answered, Please post them here!!

Details of this webinar:

     What: Using Multi-site Management with Adobe Experience Manager

     Time – Tues Jan 30, 2018 11 AM EST

     Description: For the January 2018 session of Ask the AEM Community Experts, we are doing a session on Multi-Site Management with AEM. Join the AEM      Multi-site management team to learn more about how Multi-site management works with Experience Management. During this session, you will learn more about      how to implement MSM into your projects as well as hearing answers to questions asked by the AEM community.

     More Details and to sign up: Ask the AEM Community Expert: Using Multi-site Management with AEM | AEM Technologist Group *Virtual...

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We use two rollout confiigs: default and on modify

Is there a problem using more than 1?

We also seem to experience an issue when we manually rollout some content from a page directly that subsequent (automatic) rollouts will at times stop working.  Pulling up the properties of the page with the rollout config / going to the blueprint tab / clicking ok seems to restore normal operation - why would that be?


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Thanks Kautuk. I would like to know the major changes in the MSM module recently. I have not  worked on the same for a very long time , but I dont see there is much a change though. What are the major changes in this module ?


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Hi Everyone!
My Company will start using Adobe Marketing Cloud. I would like to learn it, but I have some difficulties trying to find e-books and (online) courses. Can you please give some advices to beginners? Thanks


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Is there a recommended approach for essentially creating a templated live copy?  The blueprint forces you into a certain number of levels to create a site and is targeted at language and locale.  That isn't always appropriate and live copy is sometimes a better fit.  From a requirements perspective our clients have asked for creating micro sites based off a templated node like a blueprint but having more control over the content structure as you do with live copy.  I saw there was the ability to create your own blueprint template but the number of node levels appears to be hard coded in MSM.


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Hi All,

I am working on MSM based website.We have a requirement to set rootpath in pathfield dynamically based on country and language .

example: If I open a page from /content/uk/english and select pathfield from dialog, then set same path /content/uk/english to rootpath and open the pah in dialog.

environment: AEM 6.3 & touch ui component.

Cold you please provide some inputs.



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Hi all,

Below are a few points that I would want to know in MSM.

1. Things to note when going for multi site management.

2. When to go for blueprint and when to live copy approach may be with scenarios.

3. There was one requirement where live copy lock had to apply for component that is empty but currently the lock appears only if there is content in it. Any suggestions on this will be helpful.




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I would like to know how to leverage MSM, Live copies and language copies to manage multiple English masters that can be localized then translated.

For example: North America (United States) English would be localized then translated to Canadian French and Columbian Spanish while Europe English (UK) would be localized and translated to international French, Spanish, German, Italian, etc.




Adobe Champion

i have a scenario and want to know the best approach of doing it.

User want to have a page physically present in Master as well as child sites. Whenever there is a change in Master ,user has to initiate roll out manually to all sites but they also want to publish the rollout pages to live without going to each child sites and publish them individually.

Can we achieve this using any livecopy events?

what should i consider for performance if i have more than 100 child sites for a master?


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I would like to know more about supporting multiple apps on the same instance, as well as multiple sites. Are there any recommendations for how to create apps with customized code without having to overlay code in the /apps folder from /libs but rather in the "/apps/<app-folder>/..." hierarchy?

Also segregating any other app code or design info in other folders so that it is easier to uninstall without removing other code.

Is there any documentation available which talks about best practices for this?



All the Questions and the answers asked in the webinar are posted here [Q&amp;A | January 2018] Ask the AEM Community Expert: Using Multi-site Management with AEM


Kautuk Sahni