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Archiving AEM assets


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Hello All,

Are there any functionalities in AEM so that the assets can be archived to a certain folder based on the lastModified properties? The only thing I found close to this is version purging.



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OOTB, no. You can however build custom workflows to achieve this functionality.


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as Scott said, there is no OOTB function for this.

however, write a custom function to check the last modified and zip that all.

you will lot of article to find last modified and check the code for zipping it.

~ Prince


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What do you mean with "archiving"? Any special requirements with retention policies, additional audit log entries? Special legal requirements? Note: AEM is not an archiving solution, so for any archival required by law I would strongly consider a dedicated archivial solution.


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Are you looking something with respective to Asset Expiration as otherwise you would need a custom workflow setup as per your need.

Please refer [1] in case Asset Expiration help your case.

[1]: Digital Rights Management in Assets



We do have Assets filtering option: Asset Selector

Here you can filter out assets based on many parameters. I don't actually get you on what do you mean by archiving?

If this is just moving Assets to another folder than the primary folder then this can be done.