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aio cli cloudmanager plugin commands always give "Error: 400 (Bad Request)"


Level 9

All commands give this error, e.g:


aio cloudmanager:list-environments 

    Error: 400 (Bad Request)


% npm -version


% node 

Welcome to Node.js v15.10.0.

% aio -v      

@adobe/aio-cli/8.2.0 darwin-arm64 node-v15.10.0


how to reproduce:

1) install aio

2) install cloud manager

2) login

3) run any (core) aio command (works)

4) run any aio cloudmanager command (fails with bad request)


Installed via this method:

  1. npm install -g @adobe/aio-cli
  2. aio plugins:install @adobe/aio-cli-plugin-cloudmanager
  3. aio plugins:update
  4. aio auth:login

  5. aio config:set cloudmanager_programid myid



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