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AEM Workflows


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How can I make a page/ asset /folder immune to all workflow ? I am working on 6.5.12 , I am having requirement to have a exception page which needs to be immune to any type of workflow.

Could someone suggest a solution.

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First this looks to me as a weird requirement. Never heard of similar requirement in past.

However, even if you need to do it then I am assuming you are only talking about custom workflows. 

2 ways I can think of:

1. In workflow process/model, you can define and add a condition to not execute this workflow on following folder/assets/pages (this should be configured)

2. May be you can use condition defined in launcher where you can mention that this workflow should not be executed when you have following metadata defined on a page/asset/folder. Here, you need to add custom metadata to folder/page which you want to exclude.



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Hi @PoovithaSelvaraj 

You can try removing the permission of the page from workflow-process-service.

Go to http://localhost:4502/useradmin, select permission of workflow-process-service and remove all the permissions of the required content.


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I have tried this implementation but it is not stopping the workflow. 

Thank you for your input.


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hi @PoovithaSelvaraj 

It will not completely hide " start workflow" option from the page. I tried "Publish Example" workflow for the test page and it still shows the workflow steps for publishing it, but it didn’t publish it. Please clarify bit more about your requirement.


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Hi @Ganthimathi_R ,

I am overriding manage publication and created a custom workflow on top of it. that workflow will undergo approval steps as usual.

My requirement is to have a page , even when we click manage publication and publish , it should not go through approvals. 


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Hi @PoovithaSelvaraj ,

Is this resolved & Have you got your solution.?

If not, try to remove Replication permission for certain user groups for your required page, by that you will not allow any publishing workflow start/publishing for those certain pages.

As I marked below.


Hope this Helps,


Screen Shot 2022-08-04 at 12.17.06 PM.png


Aditya Chabuku


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I have tried all the methods, but none of that will not stopping the workflow specifically for the page/folder , so i recreated workflow using OR step to have participant option to skip the workflow. 


Thanks for everyone time, it was really helpful.


~Poovitha S