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AEM SPA Editor Error Page Example by Niek Raaijmakers


This is a showcase project to demonstrate ACS AEM commons error pages together with the SPA editor. In the past this required a lot of hacking, but thanks to recent updates this has become a lot easier and cleaner.

With this approach you can have 404 and 500 pages load in your SPA editor with a proper status. You can then navigate to the homepage or anywhere else on the menubar with React Routing.

In this case we are using React.

Common setup
First, make sure to follow the tutorial in the ACS AEM commons page to install the module. You will still need to put in the JSP files edit the dialog of the root page and obviously create the pages. Also, you will need SPA Page model manager 1.4.0 or higher!

404 Pages
For 404 pages to work, all you need to do is put this in your page template's customheaderlibs.html
And then use that in our front-end initialization:

const errorPageRoot = PathUtils.getMetaPropertyValue('cq:errorpages') + '/';

ModelManager.initialize({errorPageRoot}).then(pageModel => {
And that is all to make the 404 pages work.

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AEM SPA Editor Error Page Example


Please use this thread to ask the related questions.

Kautuk Sahni
4 Replies


Level 4

Hi @kautuk_sahni,


The 404 page is not rendering when we use a wrong path URL with selectors.




Is there any other approaches to handle this issue??




@Leela-Pavan-Kumar Request you to please create a new Question inside the community. And do share full details regarding the issue. How have you implemented 404 in AEM?  

See this: https://experienceleague.adobe.com/docs/experience-manager-cloud-service/content/implementing/develo...


Kautuk Sahni



Hey @Leela-Pavan-Kumar ,


This only happens when using a selector? I think I see the problem indeed. The selector gets appended to the URL.

A bug should be filed and handled by engineering (sites team).