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AEM Content Fragments: An Introduction by Exadel


This article is an introduction to a series of posts about using AEM content fragments (CF) in real life and all the potential problems you might encounter in doing so. I won’t dive too deep into the theory around CF, since Adobe’s documentation is quite exhaustive. I’ll point out some very basic info, and in further articles, we will take a look at practical applications.

What is Content Fragment in AEM?
Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Content Fragments (CF) allow us to manage page-independent content. They help us prepare content for use in multiple locations/over multiple channels. These are text-based editorial content that may include some structured data elements that are considered pure content without design or layout information. Content Fragments are intended to be used and reused across channels.

Highly-structured data-entry/form-based content
Long-form editorial content (multi-line elements)
Content managed outside the life cycle of the channels delivering it

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AEM Content Fragments: An Introduction


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