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AEM Assets Meta Data Schema, Folder Specific


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Hello, is it possible to only set my custom AEM Assets Meta Data Schema for a specific folder in AEM DAM Assets?

The use case is that we only want to display the custom schema on one root folder /content/dam/my-site/unlicensed/*.

Current configuration sets the custom schema in "/conf/global/settings/dam/adminui-extension/metadataschema/default". 


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Its Simple.


- Go to the custom metadata schema

- Select it

- You will see the option "Apply to Folder(s)"

- Select the folder you want to apply that schema to


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Yes, We can...

see the official documentation from Adobe on Assets Folder metadata Schema...



Also In case if you want to apply the Metadata Schema on Assets then follow these steps







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Hi There,


It is absolutely possible and any custom metadata schema that you create has to applied to a folder to allow the assets within that folder use the metadata schema.


It means if you have defined a custom metadata schema and applied to a folder let's say /content/test then all the assets within will have that metadata schema available for editing.


If your question is about the location where metadata schema is created then yes you are right that it gets created at /conf/global/settings/dam/adminui-extension/metadataschema/default but you can change it for a custom metadata schema. For example if you name your metadata schema as corpa then its location will be /conf/global/settings/dam/adminui-extension/metadataschema/corpa


Please copy the default schema and then modify as a best practice.