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AEM-Assets-3D-apparel-design by Adobe Blog


There are many ways to open a PDF — but only one way to experience its full powe

Fashion brands are under pressure to design, produce, and market their product faster than ever. Let’s look at how Adobe and Browzwear can help your team be more nimble and flexible using modern 3D technologies with Digital Asset Management (DAM).

One of the bottlenecks in this cycle is the sample creation process. Creating salesman samples can take weeks after you send off your tech pack. This can cause delays in planning and merchandising which can compound downstream delays. Browzwear’s VStitcher lets you design your apparel in 3D that is an accurate digital twin of the physical sample. With the 3D digital twin, you produce high quality renders that can take the place of physical samples for many of your needs.

Material management
As Manager of CAD Prints & Patterns, you need to keep your teams updated with the latest trims and assets, such as fabrics, materials, logos, and graphics to use in your workflow. You can develop your materials in Substance Alchemist and Designer and manage them in one central repository. With AEM Assets you have all the DAM capabilities you would expect like permissions, versioning, metadata management, automation workflows, and powerful multi-facet search.

Model management
As a Product CAD Manager, you want your team to be efficient and coordinated. You want to be able to manage all the product object models and the latest versions in one place. You want to make it easy for your designers to store their work in a central DAM. When a designer is ready to submit their work for review, they can use a custom plugin, “Publish to Adobe AEM” from within VStitcher.

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