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AEM 62 - Support Required (Validator) on FileUpload (Image) in Touch UI Dialog


Level 8

Hi All,

I have a very similar requirement as mentioned by Sreekanth in one of his articles.

Have added the categories, dependencies properties and have the attribute required = true set on the image in the dialog. However, even when I put the image into the field, it still throws up a message stating "Please fill out this field".


Any pointers/suggestions as to how to rectify this will be really helpful.

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Level 8

Hi Scott,

Thank you for your reply.

Followed the same steps mentioned in article, but no luck.


Level 1

Hi Scott,

Please could you let me know if there is a hotfix for this issue? The code provided in the link above doesn't work as a generic solution, it can be made generic by commenting out the following code in it, but this fixes only if a component has only one required image field, for multiple required image fields this doesn't work.

//if not an image component dialog, return

        if((editable.type !== COMPONENT) || _.isEmpty($fileName)){