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Aem 6.4 Touch UI component droptarget does not retain thumbnail


Level 10

I was trying to use brightvove videos and i did customize the component to use it in touch ui

I drag drop video from the content finder and put it in the drop target of the component which allows brightcove videos alone

on saving it the video renders on the page and plays, a json is stored at the content node for the video

now the issue occurs when I click to edit the component again the thumbnail is missing and I see the message in the droptarget area that says something like it is trying to find renditions for the asset but couldn’t find and hence prints the json that is stored at the video node for the page - content structure

the component uses ootb file upload ( not the coral version )

please let me know

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Level 10

To anyone of interest , overlay the file upload js from libs and add a condition to check if the property contains a json , and pick thumbnail key value pair from the json property stored for the page node