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Deprecated API


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Hello ,

We Are going to migrate my project AEM  6.2 to AEM 6.4  here one problem i faced , Json Api (JSONObject and JSONArray) is deprecated.Could you please let me know any one correct solution , i found GSON and JackSon but in that JSONArray is not replaced with anything please post your suggestions ?

As well as javax.jcr.query.Query.XPATH also facing same problem ? Let me know


Raazu G 

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Community Advisor

Dear Raazu,

That's correct JSONObject and JSONArray have been deprecated, while they are deprecated, they still perfectly work in 6.4.

No action for JSONObject and JSONArray is a valid short term action for 6.4 upgrade.

However, if you have time both GSON and Jackson or Vanila Java 1.8 are all valid alternatives for long term use.

Same goes with XPATH, as per newest JCR SPEC it simply should not be used. However, OAK still supports it.

As per JCR SPEC, you should write either JCR_SQL2 or JCR_JQOM.