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AEM 6.4 React SPA application load issue


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We have our website on 6.4.8 AEM instance and recently we onboarded a new react spa website on the QA author server. While this new application works well on local author server, there are few issues when we try to open the pages in edit mode on QA server.


1.The pages that usually take ~1 second to load  on our local instances (AEM cloud as well as AEM 6.4.8) is taking more than 30 seconds to load when testing on QA AEM server(v 6.4.8). Also, the page loads in less than 1 second on QA publisher.

2. While fetching the *model.json for the page the GET request ends with this error and fails to fetch the required response. While the same page loads as expected on Publisher server without any HTTP errors.
net::ERR_HTTP2_PROTOCOL_ERROR 200 (OK) (Attached image for reference)


3.When we directly login to the QA author server and check on its server locally, the response for *model.json on the browser seems to be cut off leading to an invalid format for input interrupting the process of rendering the page display on author. This same response is fetched properly in our local AEM servers and even on QA publishers.  (Attached image for reference)

If anyone can Help with some insights, if we are missing any basic configuration on the Author server or anything else it would be very helpful.







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Hi @SnehaS1 ,


In below thread multiple solutions were tried for different servers, but two solutions took my attention-



1. because the http2 server closed the connection when sending a big response to the Chrome (*.model.json). Because it is just a setting of the http2 server, named WriteTimeout. Please check that.


2. Low disk space.


Could you please check if this helps.



Ritesh Mittal