AEM - Which is servlet invoked by fileupload component

cquser1 08-04-2019

Hi All,

Need to know the servlet invoked by fileupload[granite/ui/components/coral/foundation/form/fileupload] component.

Any thoughts/pointers on which is the OOTB servlet invoked or pointers to find this out will be really helpful.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)


To figure this out for yourself all you need to do is upload an asset, and in a parallel tab have <host>:<port>/system/console/requests open. Click the corresponding POST request (POST /content/dam.createasset.html) and you can see which servlets are used.

Answer : It's going to be : servlet

Answers (6)

Answers (6)

cquser1 10-04-2019

Hi All,

Thank you for your reply.

Tried uploading multiple times, and tracking requests window closely. But somehow do not see related request getting listed. Guess some issue at my end.

Will go ahead and mark this as complete.


The request will show up. But as the list only holds the last 20 requests, you might want to retry the upload a few times to make it appear.



Can you request path as your component name with parameteres. I believe both dam.createasets.html is used when we upload images in DAM.

There may be the sling post servelt(like curl) is being used to upload image.




cquser1 09-04-2019

Tried the same. Somehow, could not see that corresponding POST request.

The fileupload component is being used on page properties in custom tab.

1]Is it something like because of that it is not showing up?

2] Will there be any difference at all in the servlet that's invoked ,based on the fileupload present as part of component on page or present in page properties?