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AEM 6.3 SP1 - Sling Dynamic Include JSI


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We are using SDI version 3.1.2 with AEM6.3 SP1 to dynamically include component in our page. We have configuration in place where include types is "Javascript".

Does include type "JavaScript" also needs webserver configuration in httpd.conf and vhost files as mentioned on Set up Sling Dynamic Include page?


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As far as I can check, no changes are required on apache.  Check details below for the detailed description of three types of "Include Type":

  • Apache SSI – Apache Server Side Includes

Apache HTTP Server is set up as a caching proxy in front of the AEM. This means that the include will be done by the http server and not by the sling engine.

  • ESI – Edge Site Includes

Edge Site Includes can be used as an alternative to SSI, it is evaluated by CDN. ESI has to have some proxy that is able to process its tags and often made available as part of CDN.

  • JavaScript – Ajax

Using JSI will replace dynamic components with ajax tags, so they are loaded by the browser. If included component has some JS code, it may not work properly, as it won’t be initialized immediately after a page is loaded.


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Thanks JaideepBrar

Javascript include says "they are loaded by the browser", does this mean all webserver configurations are for SSI & ESI and not for JSI?