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AEM 6.1 SP1 | Bundles uploaded via package manager not installed in OSGI


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I have my bundle jar file along with other code(component JSPs) in a package. When I install the package via package manager, it does upload to the repository.

I can see the jar file in the /apps/mysite/install folder. However, the bundle is not visible in OSGI console.

Here is what I have tried:

  1. Restarting the instance installs the bundle.
  2. The jar file can be installed directly via OSGI bundles console. There are no errors in both cases.
  3. But when the package is installed via package manager, the bundle is not seen in OSGI console. It applies to any Geometrixx project bundle as well. There is no error in the logs. So I assume that my bundle doesn't have anything wrong.
  4. I have checked Apache Sling JCR Installer config in System Console. It has all the default settings. When I save the configurations without any change, my bundle in /apps/mysite/install gets installed and my java code works correctly.

I can't figure out any reason for this issue. Did anyone else face similar issues?

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Level 8

We had this issue and DayCare informed us to stop the Region Digraph org.eclipse.equinox.region bundle.