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Adobe web optimized image API stop working to convert assets into webp but don't throws error


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Hello, what happens is that I have implemented the web optimized image delivery java API to convert the assets of my component to webp.


It was already implemented and functional, but out of nowhere it stopped converting the assets, my method has a try catch, where if the conversion of the asset fails, use the default version uploaded (for example, if you uploaded a jpg file to the component and when converting it to webp fails, use the jpg format).


The strange thing is that in that same code I added a log to save the error if it fails but it doesn't appear.


And the last thing I did to test is to remove the try catch block and just leave the call to the API request, then if it fails I should not put the asset in the component, if not the error of the request (a text), but it was not like that, but it puts the asset of the default format.


This was in the environments where the API works.


Since when I test it in local, if it fails because it isn't possible to call the API in local, then, why instead of failing the API is executed and it makes it but it doesn't convert the asset into webp?


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@Aaron_Dempwolff did it stopped working for all images or some images? As far as I know it uses concept called "content negotiation". Not all images are converted. It decides if the conversion can improve performance. Sometimes, where there is no expected performance gain or the format is not JPEG or PNG, the image is not converted.


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It is with all assets, and I tried to use the common formats which are jpg and png, as well as other formats such as gif.


With all fail but previously worked, nothing has been modified in the code.


I even tried to upload new assets to see if the assets already uploaded have something that causes the error but even with the recent ones it doesn't work either.