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Adobe Summit 2021, AEM Session | TW123 - Guided Transition to Adobe Experience Manager in the Cloud




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By moving to Adobe Experience Manager as a Cloud Service, your teams can always stay ahead of the curve in CXM innovations with a lower total cost of ownership. In this training workshop delivered by Experience Manager product experts, get best...

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Wednesday, Apr 28 10:30 PM - 12:30 AM IST


Anthony Rumsey - Senior Computer Scientist, Software Development, Adobe | Umberto Andreozzi - Alliance Lead - Italy, Deloitte Digital

Session FAQs

Q. We might not resolve all on day one on all items identified by BPA. What are the mandatory ones that we should consider refactor our code (6.4.6) before moving to the cloud? Are there mandatory ones to resolve for cloud migration? 

A. The Best Practices Analyzer categorizes findings based on severity levels. We recommend resolving the Critical ones first as those need to be resolved to be compatible with Cloud Service. 

To follow up, here are the definitions of the levels in what the BPA can find, and how likely it is that the finding will need to be fixed... https://experienceleague.adobe.com/docs/experience-manager-cloud-service/moving/cloud-migration/best... 

Q. Hi everyone! in short - what is the main high-level difference between my team currently using AMS to manager our instances vs AEM in the Cloud 

A. I made some side-by-side diagrams showing the differences between AMS and AEM as a Cloud Service here: https://www.opsinventor.com/introducing-aem-as-a-cloud-service/ 

hi Ilia, difficult to sum up in a short response, but I might suggest starting with this page of our documentation: https://experienceleague.adobe.com/docs/experience-manager-cloud-service/overview/what-is-new-and-di... 

Q. Will migrating to CS be easier if we are already using Cloud Manager with our AMS-hosted AEM instance? 

A. We're on AEM 6.5.2 

It definitely makes things easier, as things you would have had to refactor with respect to your deployment, dispatcher configurations, etc will be well along the way by the time you finish a Cloud Manager migration.  

Thanks Tad! 

Since you are already on the CM and 6.5.2 makes things better, you still have to go through migration activities and refactor the code for Cloud compatibility.  

Q. Can we use the tools to determine the level of effort to move to CS without purchasing CS?  

A. Yes. You need to install a BPA package on your on-prem instance and run it. Which will give a report for you to assess. You can get the package from software distribution 

The Best Practices Analyzer accelerates the assessment of your readiness to move to Cloud Service. But it doesn't provide an effort estimation in terms of hours or days.  

Q. Is CS offered on Azure only? 

A. Yes. additional detail can be found here: https://experienceleague.adobe.com/docs/experience-manager-cloud-service/overview/terminology.html%3... 

Q. Hi is there any plan for the customer we are currently in 6.5 and not willing to move to CS?? or Only option is to move to CS in order to get all the new features 

A. New features are available on Cloud Service first and are then side-ported to AEM 6.5 at a later point. 

Q. Does the User Mapper move groups and rep:policy nodes as well? 

A. Hi James, yes, the User Mapper will move groups and rep:policy nodes as long they are associated with the content that is being migrated. 

Q. If you already use Archtype 24 we still need to use this tool to modernize maven modules? I am referring to adobeio toolset which helps code repo modernizer. 

A. Thank you for clarifying. if you're following the package structure introduced in archetype 23, then you should be in good shape. the archetype is always improving so best to use the latest release if you can. 

Q. There are some AEM ACS Commons plugins that are not compatible with AEM as a Cloud Service. Will those be updated/made compatible? 

A. True, there are features in ACS Commons that are not supported on CS. There are no plans to update those features. Please refer to this document containing the compatibility mapping: https://adobe-consulting-services.github.io/acs-aem-commons/pages/compatibility.html#aem-as-a-cloud-... 

Q. If we move to cloud service, can we continue using our current CI/CD in-house process? this may be required since we use more than one code repository and cant merge into one. 

A. Yes, you can continue to use the internal CI/CD process and at the end sync the code to CM git to push the code to AEM Cloud service. 

Q. The synch can be done manually? 

A. You can automate the process. This document details out how to achieve https://experienceleague.adobe.com/docs/experience-manager-cloud-manager/using/managing-code/setup-c... 

Q. We have a lot of customization like disabling publish button / some tools for authors to create/update i18n values ...will these customizations still support them? 

A. The BPA can be used to determine if there are going to be issued with legacy/classic UI components in use by the customizations. this doc page has more detail on this type of issue that the BPA can detect: https://experienceleague.adobe.com/docs/experience-manager-pattern-detection/table-of-contents/lui.h... 

Q. if we are having trouble using/setting up the repo-modernizer tool/other tools were there a discussion form to get help? 

A. The code refactoring tools such as the Repository Modernizer are open-sourced on GitHub. You can create issues in GitHub and we can respond to them. 

Q. Does CS allow for SSO (e.g. via ADFS)? 

A. AEM as a Cloud Service offers IMS authentication support only for Author, this can be integrated with ADFS. The documentation provides more details https://experienceleague.adobe.com/docs/experience-manager-cloud-service/security/ims-support.html?l... 

Q. Do you find it is more common for customers to navigate these upgrades and migrations, or do more customers to sync the AEMCS upgrade with a full rebuild of the site application and content? 

A. We recommend building on your years of investment in AEM and modernize it to make it compatible with Cloud Service. As you can see, we have also invested a lot in developing tooling to help you with this process. It also depends on your requirements and goals for modernizing and therefore encourage you to work with your customizer who can help you provide the best possible path forward. 

Q. How do we update/install new features on AEMaaCS SDK for Local development setup  

A. it's recommended to update your local SDK frequently to use the latest features. for more on this, check out this doc: https://experienceleague.adobe.com/docs/experience-manager-learn/cloud-service/local-development-env... 

In particular, scroll down to the "When to update the QuickStart Jar" section. 

Q. Can we access to this beta version? 

A. Yes, you can reach out to your Adobe rep saying that you're interested in the Cloud Acceleration Manager Beta program. 

Yes, Cloud Acceleration Manager is on Experience Cloud and you can get access to it before you purchase Cloud Service. Also, CAM is a free application. Currently, we have a beta program for CAM that you can join by reaching out to your Adobe rep. 

Q. How will all the ACLS be sent from the current AEM to cloud author/publish. What is the best practice? 

A. Hi Jaimala, yes, the ACLs will be sent from the current AEM to the cloud author/publish as long as they are associated with the content that is being migrated.  

So, when you package content, conf, and home the ACLS gets packaged with it, no ACL packaging needs to be done separately, in on-prem we use ACL packager and install the packages. 

Q. Where is the access token located? Is it in the experience cloud? 

A. Hello Anish. The access token is obtained from the cloud service instance you are transferring to. The "open access token" button will open to the required location for you. 

Q. How the access to internal services (not exposed over the internet) will work from AEMaaCS? 

A. You can create a dedicated egress IP to allow traffics to flow through internally. Refer to this document https://experienceleague.adobe.com/docs/experience-manager-cloud-service/implementing/developing/dev... 


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