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Adobe Sensei Service: Training and Tagging issues


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Hi Community, I am currently working on Adobe Sensei Service enabled on AEM 6.5 AMS. I am able to train the service. Based on the training, when I run the tagging workflow, it is able to smart tag the assets but there are two issue.


1. It is only tagging the images that I have already trained. If I am adding new similar kind of images, the newly trained smart tags are not getting applied unless I am re-training the newly added assets.

2. Is there a way to unlearn a tag? I tried deleting the trained tag and re-trained the model, but it was still applying the tags to the already trained assets unless I remove that tag structure from AEM.


Just wanted to check if anyone else has faced this issue? Thanks in advance!

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Hello @Abhishek_Narula25 , hope you followed the below adobe doc for smart tags: https://experienceleague.adobe.com/docs/experience-manager-cloud-service/content/assets/manage/smart...


It is mentioned as "To train the model, use the most appropriate images. The training cannot be reverted or training model cannot be removed. Your tagging accuracy depends on the current training, so do it carefully."


So according to this you cannot delete tags which you already used to train the model.


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Hi @Shashi_Mulugu 

Yes I have followed the Adobe Documentation already. Just was curious if there is any other way out.


I actually got a way around this. I removed the tag from the tagging structure, so now the service is not able to apply that tag.


Also, have you ever faced issue 1??