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Adobe Render in network request question.


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In Adobe render, when I use the network request protocol soap
I can't make a request, but in Adobe DC, there is no request limit
After consulting in Adobe Acrobat community, I learned that AEM can solve my problem!
The SOAP Protocol I use uses the form capability in adobe
I wonder whether AEM can solve my current situation?

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Sorry, but what is 'Adobe Render'? Never heard of it.

Can you give more details on what are you trying to achieve?


This community has AEM knowledge, however you would need to help us with Adobe Render and DC.  


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soory   this is shortName

realName is adobe acrobat render 

is PDF Render 

Involving the network request


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I see, seems to be you are creating a dynamic PDF form where you are making SOAP calls to some external service, and there you have some kind of a limit on the number of SOAP calls you can make, am I understanding it correctly?


There are a few options here on how you can do that:

1. Adobe Forms Designer

This is a tool that allows you to create dynamic PDFs where you can write custom Javascript code. It is much light weight compared to AEM.



2. AEM Forms

Allows you to create adaptive or HTML5 forms where you have an enormous amount of flexibility and capability on making network requests.




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I think it's half right.

I found AEM by watching Adobe livecycle designer.

But this usage scenario seems wrong. Is this a new file generated online?

I won't immediately generate a new PDF, which is not what I need.

My scenario: add JavaScript script information to PDF file through Adobe Acrobat core SDK, and request soap in the script Request(), because the soap protocol relies on the form module, and Adobe Acrobat render restricts the permission of the form module, which leads to my request sending failure.

How to add a form certificate to an existing document? authentication? Embedded?

Sorry, I really don't know much about this

The learning cost is too high. Thank you





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Hey @huadongzhou , I'm back!


Thanks for the explanation, I understand your use case much better.


From what I understand, you want:

  1. To create a PDF file form.
  2. Use Javascript in the form to make SOAP requests.
  3. Can you please explain what you mean by 'form module' in "because the soap protocol relies on the form module"?
  4. You then want to reader extend the PDF form using certificates.


I am confident #1 & #2 can be achieved using AEM Forms Designer (previously Adobe Livecycle Designer). Its a desktop tool that allows you to build a PDF form and write custom JS code.

For #4, you will need AEM Forms JEE server (previously Adobe Livecycle). I don't know if there's any other way. It's a matter of a couple of minutes to do this but it does require AEM Forms JEE knowledge.


If you are unfamiliar with both AEM Forms Designer & JEE, this will require quite a bit of learning.



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welcome back!

Thank you for your help, facing such a large learning content.

It is necessary to understand it.

You understand the problem of #1 #2 correctly

#3 put forward the problem that 'soap protocol depends on form module'.

The sending of soap request depends on form For ease of understanding, I call it module
I think the request failed because the authority of form was not fully released
AEM will supplement complete permissions through a secure environment?

#4 I probably know that AEM has relevant capabilities, but I'm not sure, because the explanation of this aspect in the community documents is not very complete. So let me consult. After all, learning costs a lot.


Thank you for your enthusiastic help!


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I'm looking now 

I'm still having trouble wrapping the 'form module' in my head, are you referring to the GuideBridge API by any chance?

I'm also going to have my colleague look into this as well buddy, hopefully we can get some more info on it.


Hey @MorisMonk , I'll have a chat with you on Monday on this 


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Thank you for your warm help,
All related contents of the form are called form modules, so there is no need to tangle.
What I got in the acrobat community is that I need to obtain the network request permission in the form module.
This is because the security level of render is not enough, and permission cooperation is required.
Below I will take a screenshot of the original words
Sorry, I can't talk to you. My English is not very good
my friend


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Hey @huadongzhou , would you like to connect on a call maybe? I think talking through it would be much better to get in sync on this and faster as well