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Adobe LiveCycle - Javascript - Initialize event is looping when I try to update a variable


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I am struggling to manipulate an address field to remove the country code, format lines breaks and add the country name.


The text I am using is in the format: "First Line / Second Line / Third Line / IE"

var vAddress;
vAddress = addresstest.rawValue ;
vAddress = vAddress.substring(0,vAddress.length-3) ;
vAddress = vAddress.replace(/ \/ /g, "\n");
addresstest.rawValue = vAddress+"\n"+masterHeader.masterHeaderLeft.country.rawValue ;


Output is :

"First Line 

Second Line
Third Line /


I think the issue is with the final line but when I tested appending text on each line, 


the output was:

"First Line 

Second Line
Third Line

IE lin line 2 line 3 lin line 2 line 3"


So there is some kind of loop being created.


I have also tried: 

addresstest.rawValue = addresstest.rawValue+"\n"+masterHeader.masterHeaderLeft.country.rawValue ;


Which then adds the country line twice so the issue isn't isolated to it being a variable.


Does anyone have any ideas?


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I don't see anything obviously wrong with your code.

Just not clear on a few things.

I am assuming "masterHeader" is a master page?

On which event is this code executing?

Which "Initialize event" is looping, are you referring to?





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Yes is is on a master page.

The event is an Initialize event - it repeats even more when I tried running the code on Validate and doesn't work on Exit.

The looping is presumed from what appears on the output.


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Initialize event of which field exactly?
When/how is addresstest field populated?


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@GarethEade try below:


var vAddress;
vAddress = "First Line / Second Line / Third Line / IE" ;
vAddress = vAddress.substring(0,vAddress.length-4) ;
vAddress = vAddress.replace(/ \/ /g, "\n");
app.alert(vAddress + "\n" + "test") ;


Work fine for me on all events and the master page too


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I would split the string and then use a loop to create a new one.


var aInput = addresstest.rawValue.split(/\s*\/\s*/g),
	cOutput = "";
if (aInput.length > 0) {
    // process all items in the array except the last one.
    for (var i = 0; i < aInput.length - 1; i += 1) {
            // add a line break in front of every item except the first.
	    cOutput += (i > 0 ? "\n" : "") + aInput[i];
addresstest.rawValue = cOutput + "\n" + masterHeader.masterHeaderLeft.country.rawValue;


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An excellent solution. It covers off some of the issues which I didn't address here:

  • When the length of the country code is 1 letter instead of two (it is actually vehicle registration code rather than ISO country code!)
  • When it puts in the whole country name for cross border addresses.
  • If there is more than the three address lines - different formats for different countries.

Thanks for your help, I can't help but think you have come across my exact problem before with invoice addresses in SAP ByDesign!