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Adobe Granite SSO Authenticate Handler


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Hi, Shall we use the Adobe Granite SSO Authenticate Handler for  SSO in websites which are built on AEM? If yes, can you please provide an example. Also, is it possible provide authentication with Adobe Granite SSO Authenticate Handler for a custom form for a website, if yes, please provide steps and sample code as well.





Lakshmi Raghava Reddy M.

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Hi Lakshmi,

you can find details about SSO in AEM here[1]. Is this for author or publish? Are you looking to create your own authentication handler? 



[1] https://docs.adobe.com/docs/en/aem/6-1/deploy/configuring/single-sign-on.html


Level 3

Thanks Opkar, 

This is at the dispatcher level. Like a web site where end user enter his credentials to login. Please let me know, we can achieve or not?