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Adobe Experience Platform 101 (The Basics) by comwrap


Adobe Experience Platform (AEP) easily explained
AEP has been on the market for some time now and customers keep asking us what it is all about. This article is not intended to help you understand AEP in detail, but it should give you a good overview of the basic AEP construct.

What does the AEP look like?
First of all, "Where do I push the buttons?!"

All AEP products are integrated into the same interface

It depends on which products you have licensed. Below you find all current AEP products.

For example, if you have purchased the Intelligent Service product, the Data Science menu item will appear.

AEP and its Products (Adobe SKUs)
As some of you may know: AEP is not a product you can buy. It's the products build on top of it, that you can licence.

AEP itself can be seen as a very powerful database on which Adobe builds a variety of services that consume, edit, or add AEP data.

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Adobe Experience Platform 101 (The Basics)


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