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Adobe Experience Manager Background Info for University Report


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I just need a few bits of information about Adobe Experience Manger(AEM) for a university report I'm currently writing about Web Content Managements Systems. Any information regarding the following questions will be a great help:

  • How many countries is AEM present?
  • What web analytics does AEM use?
  • Does it have multirole support (Developer, admin etc...)
  • Does it have browser based templates?
  • Does it have basic libraries for text, assets etc...

Thanks for you help!

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  • AEM is a product of Adobe Inc, so if want to know if it's offered in some specific country, check the Adobe website for the list of offices. But the distribution of AEM is most likely not limited to these countries.
  • Use any analytics you like.
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes

(You should have been able to get this information from the product documentation and demo videos as well.)


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