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Adobe Experience Manager(AEM) Content Translation - Deep Dive(Part1) by Albinsblog


The website translation is the process of taking your website content in its original language(e.g en) and adapting it into other languages e.g es, to make it is accessible and useable across global customers. Content Translation allows you to create an initial version of a page based on an existing version from a different language. Automate the translation of page content, assets, etc to create and maintain multilingual websites through the translation process.

The Adobe Experience Manager Translation Framework enables website content managers to easily submit content for professional translation and automatically receive translations back in AEM. All that tedious manual effort is replaced by a streamlined process that delivers personalized customer experiences.

Most of these contents are already part Adobe documents, thought of sharing my learning for reference and also if it helps someone with the same need.

There are two types of content translations

Human Translation:

Content is sent to your translation provider and translated by professional translators. When complete, the translated content is returned and imported into AEM. When your translation provider is integrated with AEM(translation provider enables the connector to integrate AEM and TMS(Translation Management System) system to automate the translation process), content is automatically sent between AEM and the translation provider.

Machine Translation:

The machine translation service immediately translates your content. The content is shared with Translation Management Systems through connectors (APIs) and the translated content is immediately sent back to AEM through the same connector API. There is no Human step involved the end-to-end translation process is automated through the connector. The translation time is very less and the end-to-end process completes quickly.

Machine translation is generally used where the quality-level requirement is not as stringent as where the human translation is required. Use machine translation where the quantity of content, speed of content creation, and budget make it impossible to use human translation.

Translation Integration Framework:

AEM provides Translation Integration Framework to orchestrate the translation process between AEM and the TMS system, the Translation Integration Framework integrates with third-party translation services to orchestrate the translation of AEM content. The Translation Integration Framework can be configured based on our translation needs, also TIF helps AEM to integrate with the TMS system to translate the content/assets.

By default, AEM TIF supports

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Adobe Experience Manager(AEM) Content Translation - Deep Dive(Part1)


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