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Adobe Developers Live, October 2021, Session | AEM S113 - Headless Sites




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With GraphQL for Content Fragments available for AEM 6.5 and AEM as a Cloud Service, let’s explore how AEM can be used as headless CMS. Using no AEM coding, define structured content using Content Fragment Models, relationships between them, how to best optimize the practitioners editing experience, and then use GraphQL and persisted queries for cacheable, low-latency / high-throughput delivery of the content to your applications and services.

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10/5/21 14:15 PDT 10/5/21 23:15 CEST


Mathias Siegel


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Experience Manager Sites

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Q&A from the session

  Yes the AEM architecture has always emphsized seperation of content, logic and presentation. Albeit "headless" as understood today represents more specifically the delivery of structured content in JSON format, using a direct content delivery API. AEM has had support for structured content since AEM 6.2 (content fragments), JSON output as suported external API since AEM 6.3 (core components, Sling model exporter, Content Services), and direct content API since 6.5 (REST) and AEMaaCS/6.5.10 (GraphQL). 
Joshua Usdavin:
How does headless support CUG's?
While you can still create CUG's you won't be able to do much with them as there are no pages to apply them to.
Abhay Kumar Mishra:
Does AEM have strategy to deliver headless API OOB like Preview API, Delivery API & Images/Media API along with public CDN support in built mechanism?
Public CDN: AEM as a Cloud Service comes and is intgrated with Fastly - Delivery API: AEM comes with GraphQL and REST API's built in, and with Core Components as customizable API's for HTML and JSON output, - Preview API: AEM as a Cloud service environments are pre-configured with a preview service (https://preview.p1234-e5678.adobeaemcloud.com


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